• Beer 02.01.2010

    Harpoon Ginger Wheat BeerHarpoon ginger wheat beer.  100 barrel series, session 29.      A very tasty surprise.  A wheat beer base is a nice compliment to the ginger flavor.  I’m a big fan of ginger and this just hits the spot.    Winter is  a great time to release any kind of beer but this one would do equally well in the summer time with a touch of honey and lemon:  A light Wezen with a kick I might add.  I think a brewer could have a lot of fun with ginger and a wheat based malt:   Harpoon’s Scott Shirley sure did.   High proof and a light wheat color and taste.   Very clever using the ginger to hide the alcohol.  The problem with higher levels of alcohol in beer is it can taste winy.  It’s easy enough to jack up the content but to balance it out is usually the job of the hops.  This is a great beer and I would not only recommend it I’m not recommending it so there is more for me!!

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