• Brewing 07.04.2010

    Its an amazing process of making wort, the raw un-fermented beer.  With boiling water and malt sugar in liquid and powder form, additions of hops and the strange aroma that arises from the brew pot.  It’s almost prehistoric in the concept of making a mildly alcoholic drink.  I’ve been working with liquid extract and specialty grains and an amazing collection of yeasts.  Ah yeasts bring us wonderful cheese, bread and beer.  This connection is a wonderful experience and I must say the results certainly are encouraging.  It will be interesting to see how the late spring and summer months go with brewing.  I may have to take a break..after working like mad to make it through the summer.  I’m looking at a ginger flavored beer to make before the heat of the summer.  I have a thing for ginger (and stormy nights).

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