• Brewing 02.10.2010

    I brewed straight through the summer with some great wheat beers.  I then followed up with some light beers. Kolsch, Leffe and English Pale Ale.  Bought a bigger burner to heat the wort and fry some turkey.   It’s still a challenge to cool the wort. I need to go over to a immersion cooler.

    I grew some yeast in a beaker and pitched for some great beer.  Somewhat different then just pitching into the wort.  It builds up some serious quantities of yeast for pitching.

    Oh yes now we have the keginator running 5 gallon batches of ale.  It can hold two 5 gallon tanks of ale.  Soda syrup kegs are re-purposed for storage.

    So now we are going into the fall with some great brown ales.   Honey brown, Phate Tyre, Caribou Slobber.

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